Thursday, June 20, 2013

Which Direction?

I have been contemplating which direction to go. 
Whether I should blog about Slade and share our story or keep it to myself. 
After yesterdays emergency trip to to the Children's hospital I have decided I should share.
Not to keep everyone informed but to get our story out there. 

Having a child with tuberous sclerosis you never know what each day holds. 
You sit and wonder if today will be the day he starts having seizures or if it will be a wonderful day like all of the days we have had before. 
Yesterday, I thought was our day to join a group of parents who I have learned so much from.
The parents of babies, children, and adults with a seizure disorder.

We ended up ruling out a seizure but having your heart fall to your stomach for 5 hours will teach you to hold on to the days that are amazing!

Some wonder what I could learn from parents who are experiencing things I haven't yet and wonder why I worry myself with the "what if's". 
Such an easy question for me!
Why wouldn't you want to know?
The success stories, the achievements these babies have made, and the amazing lives they are living?
Yes, sometimes it is a struggle for these parents but isn't it a struggle for every parent?

I have learned that I cannot sit and watch Slade every single minute of the day. 
I would make myself crazy if I did that!
We have to enjoy what the Lord has given us and enjoy every second!
Slade is such a blessing to us and I wouldn't know what to do without him!

So, I will share what we go through. 
The ups and downs but mostly I will document all of the fun things that we have done as a family.

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