Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's Talk Developmental Assessments


Yes, you read that right.  I believe them to be absolutely pointless!

Slade has had two in his lifetime.
One at six months which was a complete dud. 
Then one at seven months which was a big hoorah!

Let's talk about that first development assessment at six months.

It started off as a normal day.
Everything was right in the world. 
The happiest baby around was in my arms... playing.

That was until...
(da da dum)
The psychologist wanted to play games with him during lunch/nap time. 




Needless to say, Slade played very little and cried a whole lot!

Did I mention he had a good 2 hour drive for this assessment?
Geez mom, what were you thinking! 

The test results were not revealed to us because "he did not get a good reading". 

Now... Let's talk 7 month developmental assessment!

The day started off with a happy baby. 
The day ended with a happy baby. 

A delay in language and self-care.
How many babies hold their own bottle at 6 months anyway??
Much less feed themselves! 
Nonsense I tell you!
(All of you with einstein babies, calm down. Hooray for you but it just isn't happening over here okay?) 

What was the difference might you ask?

We were at home and we scheduled around nap time and bottle time!

I would suggest that if you have to do a developmental assessment at any time in your sweet babies life that you do the same. If you do it during bottle/nap time and are anything like me... you will be upset leaving. Very upset!!

Seizures Go Away!!! We Don't Want to Play!!

July 5, Slade had his first infantile spasm.
On this day, I will go ahead and say that my world was turned upside down.
I knew this could happen but we hoped and prayed that they would stay away.
Slade had just turned 6 months old.

We were told the best chance of "normal" development would be to keep the seizures away until Slade was two years old.
It didn't happen but at least we caught the first one.
We started Sabril the following Thursday.

The first three days of getting the pill in his system, he continued to have the spasms.
Watching him you could tell the medicine was beginning to work because the spasms were weakening.
There was an immediate progression in his development!
He started rolling over, babbling more, and and concentrating on objects and (in my opinion) LEARNING!!
I loved every second of it! It was the greatest month of my life!

Until he had a spasm in his sleep the night before we went to the cardiologist and ophthalmologist.
It must have been a break through because there have not been anymore but talk about shaking your world up!!
Speaking of the cardiologists, we had normal heart function despite the numerous rhabdomyomas... (benign cardiac tumors), his largest had shrunk in size by 3 points, and the doctor does not want to see us again for two years!!
Regardless of the bad day I thought I was going to have, with the seizure happening and all, it had definitely turned around!!

Now it is the end of August and we are progressing in development still!
Slade is rolling from stomach to back and back to stomach.
He has even learned to roll to the dvr box and change the channel!
He has started walking (backwards) in his walker.
He says "hey" when he sees you.
(Still no mama or Dada... or any consonant sounds for that matter... except when he said baba the other morning.)
He is starting to sit up by himself!
(He only sits up until he sees a toy that he has to reach for).

I am so proud of my little fighter!
I know it has been two months but at least it's an update!

I am on my sweet husbands (hey sweetie!!) computer so... no pictures for now.
I will update the blog with pictures whenever I have the time to upload from my phone!